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Joanita Janson comes from Estonia - a small Northern European country where winters are crisp and icy, but summers on the other hand are green, bright and full of freshly blooming nature.


It is no surprise that her creation is largely being influenced by her northern origin, manifesting in clean lines, laconic manner, sharpness of the shape and monochromatic contrast, using pure colours as an accent.

Instead of portraying the things how they realistically are, Janson's work represents how her eyes see the world: through a slightly twisted prism. Certain parts of the object become unnecessary, emphasizing only specific lines or areas; and some objects may take a different shape altogether.


Many of her works are symbolic and tend to carry a message - either personal or social. However, the aim of her work is to make the viewer think, without giving any direct answers, but rather allowing the viewer to create their own meaning through the artwork. She believes that no artwork is ever complete until it's being observed by an individual of unique life story, experience and wisdom. It's all about the point of view.


Joanita Janson is an interdisciplinary artist and educator, mainly concentrating in visual art, fashion design (in which she holds a degree) and theatre costumes & stage.


Her visual art and design has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Miami and Tallinn.

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